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Stupid Puzzles


Puzzles date back to the earliest days of civilization. Probably. I don't really know but  I imagine there must have been some dumbass caveman around the fire playing "Guess what I stepped in today?" We'll blame him for the content of this section,

All the puzzles on this page are simply meant as exercises in thinking "outside of the box." They are not meant to measure any kind of objective intelligence quotient or to be taken seriously in any way. Simply visiting my page says more of your intellect than any test.


Puzzle #1

Which circle is bigger?

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Answer: They are actually the same size. Only A is much closer.


Puzzle #2

How many spots are in this diagram?

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Answer: All of them, Just ask yourself "How many are outside this diagram?"


Puzzle #3

Which animal does not belong?

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Answer: C. The camel doesn't belong because he spits and manners count.


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