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Or photography, as it is properly spelled is a super-nifty way to represent in 2D what most people see in 3D. I see things in 2D myself thanks to a legally blind left eye. For that reason. photography is even more real to me, I think. That's why I'm making' room for some on my site.

On this page there are some old pictures of me. They were taken by my friend Todd Wells. I think they look incredibly like me.

Also  you can check out pictures taken by me during a snowstorm in The East Village.


Old Pics o' Rev. Jay

wpe28.jpg (31857 bytes) This is my headshot
it is what I probably
would look like if you
saw me on the street.
wpe2A.jpg (29637 bytes) This is my
dark and
shot. Good
for independent
films and
wpe2B.jpg (25468 bytes) This is me in my moxedo, a fun low budget alternative to formal wear. wpe29.jpg (27923 bytes) I was trying
to look like Robert Mitchum. Can't
seem to find
that shirt. I think
it was absorbed
in the wash.

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