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The East Village in Snow


One Saturday at the end of the year 2000 there was a snowstorm. The last great snowstorm of the century. I went walking to the store to get a coffee through the rapidly accumulating snow. It looked pretty neat and reminded me of something I would like to photograph if I owned a camera. So I went to the store and got a disposable one. I walked around and took pictures. When the camera ran out of film, I bought another.

I walked up 7th street and back down St. Mark's between Cooper Sq. and Tompkin's Sq. The pictures below are the best of the shots I took. Shortly after completing my walk. The plows showed up and ruined everything.


Tompkin's Square Park

This lovely rectangle nestled between Aves. A and B is the home of the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival and many community events and concerts during the warm summery monthes.  Click the link below to see how it looked during a snowy winters month.

Entrance to da parque
click here to see park pics


Cooper Square

The home of  Cooper Union where Abraham Lincoln gave the famous Cooper Union address. The building was newly restored and I think looks beautiful. Especially in the snow. My Grandfather got an engineering degree there nearly a hundred years ago. Now there is a K-Mart and two Starbuck's.

Coopa Ounion
click here for Cooper Sq pics


East 7th Street and St. Marks

Two of the streets which run between Cooper Sq and Tompkins Sq. Quite a bit to see along the way. There were so many details that I could not possibly catch them all. As the snow fell, the scenery looked better and better.

click here to see street pics



I'll try to post more pics in the future as the spirit takes me.


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