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Improbable Magic Tricks


I believe that there is no such thing as magic. However I am convinced that there is such a thing as tricks. Furthermore I contend that there are tricks that look remarkably like magic. For the purposes of this section we will call these "magic tricks."


#1 Sawing a Woman in Half

The name of this trick is misleading, In fact this trick works just as well with sawing a woman in half or in thirds, quarters or fifths. It's really up to you so be creative.


The Effect

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You bring a woman up from the audience and place her in a box. Then with a saw, you slice the woman in half. At the end of the trick the woman is cut in half and "miraculously" she is still alive.


The Trick

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The trick is simple. The woman is your friend whom you placed in the audience. In most confidence games such as magic she is known as the "shill." For several months you prepare the shill for the trick. You use the medical principle that "The body can heal itself" and the Samurai principle "What does not kill me makes me stronger."

First you take the shill and slice her with a piece of paper. Do this horizontally along the abdomen. This is called the "Starting point." It will hurt at first but it will heal. When it does the flesh will be stronger. Then you make a slightly deeper cut making the flesh even stronger. This will create a "Cut line." With a great deal of time, patience and slicing, your shill will actually be able to heal from a being sawed in half.

When you start the trick remember to follow the cut line exactly or the trick will not work and you will go to jail,


note: Healing time varies and repeated performances will demand several shills. As well as comprehensive medical coverage.


#2 Pick a Card, any Card


The Effect

pick one, I dare you

You take an ordinary deck of cards and fan them out in front of an audience member. The audience member then picks a card and places it in the deck. Then you amaze everyone by telling them what card they picked without looking.


The Trick

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First thing you need to perform this impressive trick is some practice in a skill called the "Forced Card." This is a tried-and-true method of magicians where the audience member is made to pick a particular card. All you need is a ordinary deck of cards and a very special magnetic device.

You simply attach the magnet to the card you wish to force. Then set the magnet to it's highest setting. The card will attract the audience member's hand by magnetically charging the iron in the blood of his or her fingers, If the magnet is strong enough it will suck the fingers right to the card.

As the player pulls the card they remove the magnetic holder and you know what card they picked. Then you use your theatrical skills to fake psychic powers.


#3 The Disappearing Dollar


The Effect

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Take a dollar from an audience member. Have them sign their name on it. You then take the dollar and light it on fire. After disposing of the ashes the dollar reappears and the autograph is still there.


The Trick

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Preparation is the key to this trick. Prior to the performance take a hammer and flatten your thumb until it is flat as paper. Then paint it green, With a little bit of practice you will be able to switch your thumb with the dollar without anyone being the wiser, burn your thumb to ashes then reveal the first bill unharmed. Ta da!



More magic to come


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